What's a Static Site Generator?

An SSG is a program that processes text files and outputs an HTML website

Why use an SSG?

Also: Nostalgia!

Edit regular old text files, just like in the olden days! (Actually, being able to use any editor you like, and write in Markdown, is a real pleasure)

How do I get started?

|-- _config.yml
|-- _includes
|-- _layouts
|   |-- default.html
|   `-- post.html
|-- _posts
|   |-- 2007-10-29-play-nethack.md
|   `-- 2009-04-26-barcamp-boston-4-roundup.md
|-- _site
`-- index.html

What are some other SSGs?

There are a lot of of SSGs written in every language you can think of. As an end user, you just have to be able to get your chosen tool installed. Ruby, Python, and Node.js are all easy to install and run as needed.

My Personal Setup


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