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  • All About Braising

    All About Braising

    I don’t actually own this cookbook. It was referenced as the source for the Braised Duck Legs blog post, and I wanted to include it as the source.
  • Cook's Illustrated Magazine

    Cook's Illustrated Magazine

    The February 2016 edition of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Bought over Christmas 2015 on the Sunshine Coast, hanging out in Half Moon Bay over New Year’s with Mark & Andrea.
  • Best Quebec Recipes of Bygone Days

    Best Quebec Recipes of Bygone Days

    I bought this while visiting friends who live in Notre Dame du Rosaire. The recipes are all in courier “typewriter” font and are very basic, trying to be a recreation of very old recipes. It has Quebecoise classics like Sugar Pie.
  • Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking

    Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking

    A very basic cookbook for Indian cuisine. It starts with ingredients and techniques, and then has a wide variety of classic dishes.
  • The New Harvest

    The New Harvest

    The first part of the book has line drawings and descriptions of “exotic” fruits and vegetables, and the rest is filled with recipes and ways of preparing them.