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Node Getting Started

A series of getting started with Node.js / Express.js, including deploy to Nodejitsu

Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file - my #mozhackyvr project learning node.js

While I’ve been fiddling with Ruby a bit in porting my blogs to Octopress, this was my first experience with node.js.

I sat down to do “Hello World” in node.js at the Mozilla Polyglot Hackathon today.

It was a great experience, especially because I was assisted by notmatt, rob_ellis, and sintaxi not only in getting up and running, but taking things quite far.

Check out my nodejs-getting-started repo on GitHub, which is deployed to Nodejitsu at

It uses express templating combined with a markdown processor. And, of course, I implemented status code 418 as well.