Cookbook Shelf


I want to keep track of recipes that I use, as well as where I source them. I tend to bookmark links under the recipe tag on my Tumblr, but that doesn't give me a copy of them, nor does it let me search them by ingredient.

It is my understanding that the list of ingredients are not copyrightable, so I include them from the source. The cooking directions must be followed from the source blog or cookbook.

I could eat this everyday
Detail from "Cooking in Switzerland" (Photo by me on Flickr)


Recipe & Cookbook Formats

(in progress documentation of the YAML front matter I’m using for the recipe collection)

Deleted aged example of a start at recipe / source formatting

(which is likely better served by looking at the recipe source files)

Cheat Sheet

A few items that are specific to the Long Haul theme, or other things to remember.

See the example post formatting for all the styled elements.

Because this is running in a sub-directory, this is needed in relative URLs:

prepend: site.baseurl

To Do

  - { qty: 2, measure: cups,  name: "flour", extended: "sifted" }
  - { qty: 1, measure: Tbsp, name: "baking soda" }